imagesI guess that old cliche “life is a journey” is true when you finally realize that everything that has happened in the past has led you to this moment. It can occur as a quiet moment of reflection, or as most things happen for me, as a slap in the face. A loud painful epiphany that left me crying and reflecting for days and in the end realizing that I did not know:

Who I was?

What things did I like?

What mattered to me?

How did the people that loved me, see me?

The path to find the answers was a hard, rocky climb back up. Knees and hands bloody from just trying to move forward. However, I learned a lot.  I asked people how they saw me? What were my strengths? Some things were hard to hear while others made me see things I thought were negative qualities in me as strengths.

But this process has given me the power to pull myself up. Tfearhe skills I have learned have made me a better mother, entrepreneur, friend, mentor, and creative thinker. I have also learned to empower others, ask for help and learn from those I love and respect  – my friends, team members, peers and coaches to name a few. Finally, I realize that fear is not my friend. It has not kept me safe. A friend told me fear is false evidence appearing real.  And I might add: “because I thought so…. “

All of this questioning and realization has compelled me to want to share what I have learned through the journey back up to the top. While I am not there yet, the journey has awakened a constant buzz in my head to share my thoughts and wisdom with as many people as I can. I will share with you ideas, inspirational videos, communication skills and interviews with others who recognize the journey has pain and joy, tears and laughter.

Join me on my personal journey back to the top by visiting my blog, Latest Buzz.

Welcome to the Biz Buzz….

When I started my journey, I was focused on getting right with myself. I needed to be intentional and focused for the remaining part of my life to achieve the things that I so desired. Saying that, I am STILL a work in progress. However, as I grew personally, realized that I was also changing as a leader at work. Through this process, I realized that my leadership growth was fueling my passion and motivation. I have been working on leadership and wanted to share this with other entrepreneurs. Not only developing my leadership but growing the leadership of the 20-30 year old team members that I have working with me. I have read much about the struggles of working with Millennials and have been intrigued by the negative talk about working with this group. As they are entering our workforce in growing numbers, I thought it would be timely to sit down and help entrepreneurs with ideas and strategies help all team members work together. As I publish blogs, I won’t always be specific about Millennials but I will make sure that the tools and strategies are things I am using and have tested.

Excited about the possibilities and creating a buzz within you!  Follow my blog, Biz Buzz, to join me on my business leadership journey.

Welcome to the Hive….

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