About Kimberly

Who am I? kim

A work in progress…. My name is Kimberly Brust.  I have been on a journey for my entire life but at some point I fell asleep behind the wheel.  It lasted about 20 years.  I know what you are thinking… was she in a coma?  No, not that kind of sleep but just running in a circle every day and not giving myself time to think, rest, see what was going on in my world. Like the Ostrich with her head in the sand or someone wearing rose colored glasses, I knew tomorrow would be better.  I just wished I wasn’t so depressed right now.  Just numb to all emotions because I was over stressed.

You would think that a college educated, entrepreneurial woman running a million dollar business, mother and wife would have to be aware of what was going on.   I confess … somewhere there were forces that kept things going in the right direction: whether it was friends, employees, outside circles of professionals – like accountants, doctors or just luck.

About four years ago I woke up and realized that others were leading my journey and my life was in a dead end. I slammed on the brakes and began to ask myself questions. Who am I? What do I like to do? What are my dreams? I had no answers….

So I took the steering wheel back and started mapping out my lightjourney again.  It started with “small steps taken consistently over a long period of time with faith and burning desire.”  What I have discovered has felt like a small light that has now grown to the size of a lighthouse.  The inspiration I have gained, the mistakes I have made and the absolute enthusiasm I feel are motivating me to share this with you.

If your life is driven by others and you want to discover who you are and what your journey will be about, I welcome you to the hive.

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