A Potential Candidate was Found. What Next?

Part VI – Continuing in my series of how my systems changed and how my process developed…

Finally!  We found a potential candidate, but in order to find out if we really have a good understanding of the candidate, we ask for references:

  • 2 previous employers
  • 2 previous clients
  • 2 previous team members

Finding Job CandidatesWe ask that they contact the references before they submit the names to us to let them know we will be calling.  When we call, we explain we want the candidate to thrive in the position we have here and just want to make sure that will be the case.

The first question we ask is: tell us 3-4 adjectives that describe the candidate.  This really gives us an idea of the impression this person left at their last position.  In my experience, we found that the adjectives were very much in line with hungry, humble and smart when it is the right person.

By asking for two references in each category it increases our chances of talking to at least one.

Then, lastly, we ask for a background check and we do a social media check.

After all this is said and done, we will make an offer.

As a small business, it is imperative that we continue to find great team members.  However, as an entrepreneur, we never truly have a process for hiring.  The key is to have clarity about what you need.  Having a job description and qualities that create a successful team member will significantly cut down on the time you will need to spend looking, interviewing and hiring.

Please let me know if you need assistance with creating your process.  You may contact me via Email: kim@creating-a-buzz.com or by Phone: (727) 919-1429

Creating a buzz….¯`•.¸¸.ஐ

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