Finding Inspiration

Part II – Team Members…Developing Systems to Find the Best!

Continuing in my series of how my systems changed and how my process developed, I asked myself, “where would I find inspiration”?  Well, as usual it came from a few sources.

INC Magazine gave me a greater understanding of what Millennials need and look for in a career.

*Patrick Lencioni ‘s book “The Ideal Team Member” reminded me of what I used to do to find candidates and helped me go back and improve that process. (I have a few team members that have been with me for greater than 10 years.)

*Some comments made from other small business people regarding their hiring process.

I put this all together and totally scraped my old process.

Here is what I developed:Kimberly Brust

First, I looked at the team members that I currently had and that had been with me for so long.  There was a commonality among them.  They were at some point a single mother with a desire to take care of their children to the best of their ability.  They wanted an opportunity to work and learn and ultimately make more money as they went along.

They were able to talk to people.  Their personalities were warm and caring.  They could talk to people and quickly make a connection.  This trait made clients feel that someone cared about them and that they were important.

Finally, as my team were all learners, they could be humble when they did not know the answer and ask for help.  In a business where we sell close to 100 different products, it is important to be able to ask for help, as no one can be an expert in all areas.

Reading Patrick Lencioni’s book reminded me of these traits.  He calls them Hungry, Humble and Smart.

Getting back to basics.   This was step one!

I started by using his interview questions and developing some of my own. I finally had a guide to find the type of person I knew I needed.

So where did I find inspiration?  Gaining clarity. Clarity in what you need and are looking for is key to success.

Creating a buzz……¯`•.¸¸.ஐ

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