Where do I find candidates for my business?

Part III – Team Members…Developing Systems to Find the Best!

creating a buzzContinuing in my series of how my systems changed and how my process developed, the next step seemed a bit more daunting.  Where would I find candidates?  How would I let them know of my opportunity?  I just could not take that much time away from my business to interview people that weren’t really interested in the opportunity.  They were only talking to me because unemployment said they had to….

In sales, our best clients come from referrals.  That made me think about using referrals for finding candidates.

I put together a business card and gave them to my team and said if you ever come across someone that you think would be a great team member, please give them this card and ask them to contact me.  I described the person I would be looking for. I told them that a great team member would be someone that you had a business contact with and the service was exceptional.  Think of places you go and people that provide service to you. When was the last time you were blown away.

This did two things:

  1.  Defined the candidate with clarity
  2.  Gave the team the opportunity to have control over the next team member.

I was sure that they would want someone as extraordinary as they were.

I was also reminded of what a fellow business woman had told me: “Never hire someone that isn’t already working.”  That seemed like good advice.  The candidate that we needed would take a job and do their best, even if it was not the career they wanted.  We would have the opportunity to see them in action!

This could lead to a great team member.

(The business card would have the standard info on one side, but on the back it would say “Thank You for the extraordinary service you provided me today. I am always looking for team members like you in my office. I look forward to discussing the exciting opportunities that working with my team could offer.)

Creating a buzz…..¯`•.¸¸.ஐ

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