Don’t be afraid to ask for help …

What do leaders do?  What are our job duties?

When I first started, my job was sales.  Talk to potential clients and close deals.  I was good at it.  Successful even.  I was growing my business at a rapid pace. But then times changed and I needed to hire team members to help me.

What did I know about being a leader?  I had always just led myself.

But, that was 28 years ago.  Now I have a team of 8 people.  There were times that I struggled and wondered why team members could not do what I did…. Why my business seemed stagnant.  Growth was slow, at best.

It has only been recently that I realized I needed to focus on three things and three things only:

  • Planning, short and long term
  • Driving the results of my business
  • Coaching and training my team

Creating a BuzzWhen I look at what I do every day, month, quarter and annually, I ask “does that fit in the one of the three categories?”  If so, where?

As an entrepreneur, you must be high performing and motivated.  You have a skill set that serves you and your business well.  But with growth we are required to do more and learn more. Putting first things first may be uncomfortable.  Don’t be afraid to ask for help.  Look to others that may be doing successfully and ask for their help.

Help can come in many different ways.  Paid assistance with a coach,  retired volunteers through non-profit organizations, or peer-to-peer assistance.  Wherever you can find help, reach out and ask.

You and your business will thank you.

Creating a buzz…..¯`•.¸¸.ஐ

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