What is your Plan Bee?

Ok, you realized that maybe plan A is not going to happen, or that you aren’t even sure that plan A was that good in the first place.  The quote from Suzy really does put things in perspective.

After 2 divorces, ups and downs in business, and raising 3 children, I have made a lot of plans; all starting with a Plan A. Most of them did not turn out as planned.  Specifically, I remember a trip to Paris, with my then husband, and 15 month daughter. I had paid for the trip, packed so organized.  Toys, snacks, diapers, change of clothes in this bag to be carried on.  All other items in checked bags.  Passports in purse with tickets.  Get to airport on time.  Checking in at the Tampa airport, I give all the documents to the representative.  SO EXCITED, FIRST TIME TO PARIS.  Representative checks my husband and my daughter’s passport then finally mine.  She say’s, ma’am, your passport is expired. I will not be able to book you to Paris.  I can check you into Chicago though…. This can’t be happening to me.  I knew my passport was fine.   Called my travel agent, she said go to Chicago then go into town and renew your passport.  When you are back at the airport, we will get you on the next flight.  Needless to say, I should have just gone home… Nothing about the trip from there went as planned.  We did get the passport, but then the luggage was lost, then the hotel did not have our reservation, diapers were lost and try finding Pampers in Paris-Not that easy.

Creating a Buzz Plan BI had planned this trip for months, thought that all the details were taken care of.  However, as stressful as that was, we made the most of the trip. Finally found Pampers before diaper rash set in. Found a set of spare clothes and had the dirty set cleaned each day.  Had picnics, saw all the sights and look back at that vacation with the fondest memories.

Now when I take a vacation, the only thing I plan is the where and when.  I check the passports, including mine. I let fate and desire take me the rest of the way. Plan B usually works out just as well.  It’s all in the perspective.

What is your Plan Bee?  Do you even have one?

Creating a buzz……

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