Shared History

shared historyShared history.   I have thought a lot about this over the last couple of years. We all have a sense of belonging when we have people that have known us for many years: Shared holidays, tribulations, milestones and loss. People that know the path we have walked, understand why we feel certain things with such conviction. Shared the history of our journey like no one else.

What happens when the connection to these people start to break and slip away? Like an ugly divorce – drives uninvolved people to opposite camps – our personal journey might drive people away from us as well. If we live long enough, death and illness can break the lines of shared history.

I have recently found myself detached from quite a few that have shared my history. For numerous reasons, many listed above….. That sense of belonging seems elusive to find. Who do you call just to talk things over with? Who will know what you are talking about without the whole story?

Basically, I am asking how to start this process all over again? It has been so long, I am not sure where/ how to start?

Advice, please….

Creating a buzz…..

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