Can you ask for help? 

Can you ask for help? I can’t.  And sometimes I really need it.  But if I ask for help someone will see my weakness.  Weakness is the very thing people are looking for so that they can move in for the kill. Right?

ask for helpHow many times have I been faced with a problem or situation and not had the answers.  Goodness knows I would not admit that to anyone.  I spend hours and hours analyzing, researching until I knew what I thought I needed to do.  I would feel confident that I could move past this obstacle.

Many times I solved my issue…… But there was something that was missing.   When you ask for help many times you also get comfort, empathy, compassion.  These were the things I missed by not reaching out to others. Someone to hear your fears, listen to how you were already working it out and reach across to  let you move into your fear with someone to see where you were standing without judgement.

Who is this person in your life?  Do you need this?

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