Why do certain words get a bad rap?

Recently, I asked why certain words get a bad wrap.  Another word I can think of is “WORK.”

One meaning of work is “the result of exertion, labor, or activity; a deed or performance.”  Sounds hard?!  Exertion. Labor.  But much of how we face the work we do is with our attitude.  Let’s be clear…nothing good happens without a great attitude. If you cannot change the work you do, change your attitude about it.

I have done the same job for 25 years and worked for the same company for 29. As the economy was crashing so was the revenue in my office.  Being in the people business was very difficult at that time.  All I could think of was that I needed a new job or needed to run away.  Option number 2 was not an option.  Option 1 did really seem like a good idea either.   That year, it was suggested that I read the Slight Edge by Jeff Olson.   It helped me realize that I needed to change.  I could not change the economy, corporate’s decisions and my clients attitude.  BUT, I could change mine.

Kimberly BrustI started by asking myself, “what could I do”?

*Look for the positive.

  • Learn some new skills that will help me grow my business.
  • Ask for help.

Did not happen over night. Everyday I had to tell myself the good stuff and sometimes many times a day. I also started a process of learning that I do every week.  Finally, I surround myself with people that are doing better than I am and ask them how they do it.

Have you had an epiphany that changed your attitude?

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