Creating a new journey

creating a new journey, Kim Brust, Kimberly BrustA few years ago I started to create a new journey for myself.  I was in a development class.  As part of the process, I was asked to write my Eulogy and share it with the group.

At that time, I had recently been to a funeral for someone that I had known from a distance.  At the wake and the funeral there were a few hundred people.  It made me think about his legacy and how he had touched these people in such a powerful way while living his life.  Especially since his funeral was a weekday morning.

I started contemplating my own legacy.  What would my kids, family, friends, co-workers say of me.  So I wrote my Eulogy at the point I was on that day.

I share it with you to inspire you to think about your legacy…….


She was honest with everyone except herself

She was there to comfort those in pain, even though she was never able to receive it

She was able to see others where they stood but could never look at herself

Forgave many hurts but never forgave herself

Held herself to the most unattainable standard of integrity but would not expect that from others

Loved her family with her whole heart and soul but was unable to consider herself worthy of the same

Never feeling like she fit in…she always considered everyone’s feelings

Until gradually she felt the numbing she had created by not caring for herself and half way through her life she realized she was wrong. Determined to find those things that she loved about herself, she started a new journey – determined to give herself what she gave to others: honesty, comfort, forgiveness, empathy, integrity, belonging and love.

It was during this journey that the light of Kimberly began to shine.

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