Your journey to finding your passions – Part 2

Your journey to finding your passions started with your strengths, personality and stories.  Step 2 will require quiet contemplation and, perhaps, require a little visual stimulation.

Kimberly BrustI used Pinterest.  I searched core values.  There were many pins that had lists of core values.  These are the words that describe those things you hold to be the most important things in your life.  Normally, people will have 4 or 5 of these that are really more important than anything else.  You will see these in the stories you wrote down in step one.

One of the pins I looked at had 450 values.  I went through and wrote down the words that resonated with me.  Then, I weened the list down until I had a true idea of my core values.

The pattern of my stories reflected my core values.  My one example for me was education.  I remember I had my daughter March of 1996 and in August of 1996 I started my MBA. I was so excited to be learning new STUFF.  Excited to meet smart, innovative, creative business people looking to expand their horizons.  I knew when I saw the word ‘education,’ that was a core value.

From that point on, I began trying to learn all kinds of new things. I also began a program at work to reward people that were getting additional education and help with some of their expenses. The incredible thing was, I was waking up excited, could not wait for the next day, constantly reading and listening to things I had an interest in.  My team members also felt the excitement and started learning new things.  All 8 of my team members are expanding their horizons with college courses and/or professional certifications.

Find your core values.  As we move forward in discovering your passion, you will need these.

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