Why do our kids want to be entrepreneurs, when the rate of small business failures is so high?

I read an article that said our children are more and more interested in entrepreneurship.  I find this interesting, as most small businesses fail with in the first two years.  My daughter recently entered college and they are offering courses in entrepreneurship as well.


However, I ask myself what this could include?

How to be accountable and to whom?

How to create conflict that will benefit the growth of the organization?

Do you have a mission/vision statement that will direct you?

Can you manage your resources?

Can you create strategy in an ever changing environment?

How do you communicate your vision/mission statement?

And so many more…..

I have a MBA and these things were never taught.  It has taken years of experience, outside courses and actually hiring a business coach to help me focus myself on what is important for the corporation.  I actually had to change the way I saw the business in order to make better decisions.

Specifically,  I had to realize that “I” was not the business.  There were so many other factors: economy, buying habits, product lines, opportunities created with technology, employees, legal and compliance issues.  I was the leader!

This was truly eye opening.  It assisted me in making difficult decisions when I knew it was for the good of corporation.

Over the next few weeks, I would like to share some of the awesome experiences and things I have learned.  My hope that is that all entrepreneurs will start to see things differently in order to be more successful.

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