I have had an openly hate relationship with my mirror

They say that a mirror is the window of the soul. This cliche makes me  think of the Harry Potter movie, where Harry stares at the mirror seeing himself with this mother and father: the thing he desires most.

Kimberly Brust Recently, I had to face the fact that I have had an openly hate relationship with my mirror.  It seems like every time I looked in the mirror, I saw the third grade picture of myself: short, chubby, shag haircut.  Probably, one of my worst pictures, ever!  Of all the pictures ever taken, why would I see the ugliest one every time?  I have seen other pictures of myself and know that this picture is only one  of 1000’s and that I have plenty of pictures that look beautiful. It feels like watching a scary movie and after you watch the scene you can’ t “un-see” it.

This relationship with my mirror kept me feeling little, small and afraid.  Much like I did in third grade.  It affected my confidence in both my personal and business life.  It was the root of mPicture2any of my decisions.  Ultimately, I had to face that girl and put her in her place: my past!

Not who I am. Not holding me back. Not afraid. Not little. Not me. Simply an awkward phase that all children go through.

Now when I look at the mirror and my third grade self shows up, I simply replace her with the memory of a picture that reminds me of the woman I am now.

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