What does it take to find your passion?

Maybe you had it and you lost it. Maybe you never had it. How do you know when you are doing it?

What is your passionThese are questions that have been driving me the last four years.  What is my passion? How do I find it?  Where do I start?

In this post, I want to get you started.

First step, do some self discovery.  I used a couple of tools to find my strengths and gifts again.  Specifically, a Myers Briggs survey, Strengthfinders 2.0, and reviewing my past history.  The first two are pretty straight forward, but the last one takes some time to create a story.  What I found most helpful is looking at the times in my life when I could not wait to start. Felt excited or energized about what was happening.  I wrote these events down in my journal.  I tried to reflect on how I was feeling, what I liked about what was happening.  This took time. Once I had a few stories written down, I started to look for patterns and similarities.  Then I wrote those down.  This was the beginning of finding my passion.

If you are looking for yours, start with the above steps to begin the journey.

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