Immediate gratification. Instantaneous results.

Immediate gratification.  Instantaneous results. First one in. Newer is better. I want it now!

immediate gratificationWe have become a society of I want it first and now with no consideration of can I afford it or what the cost is.  This is very evident in the cell phone market.  Every time a new model comes out, people are running to get it, even when the changes are minor.  The phone companies have even developed plans to help us achieve immediate gratification.  Pay this amount and upgrade every 12 months.  Or sign a two-year contract and receive a new phone.  You know you are paying for this.

One lesson I have taught my kids is “nothing is free.”  Somewhere, somehow there is a cost built in.

I mean, was there enough of a difference from the 6 to the 6s?  Forget the hype and the media telling us that we need it.  It is time to start looking at the true cost of what we purchase to determine if what we are getting is of value.

A friend once told me that she loved M&M’s and every day at 3 she would like to go get a bag. But she realized that is was just an impulse and that her figure did not need those M&M’s everyday.  So, she would postpone the gratification and many times she would realize that she really did not want them.  By postponing the immediate gratification, she had more money in her pocket, less weight on the scale and was in control of her impulses.

Let’s start the new year, learning to control our need for immediate gratification!

How will you make the change?

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