Why Do We Look For The Quick Fix?

My daughter recently graduated from high school. We had a couple hours together and reflected on our journey thus far.  We both knew that our journey had not been predicated on a ‘quick fix.’

The mantra from Jim Olson’s book, “The Slight Edge,” sums up the last 18 years: ” Small steps taken consistently over a long period of time with faith and burning desire.”

Kim Brust Quick FixThere was no pill, no book, no six months of therapy that would have given us the success we feel today. It started in kindergarten with tutoring three times a week until 10th grade, social skills classes every Saturday morning for five years, occupational therapy for two years once a week and daily listening, coaching and role playing.

We sat there in the pool together and I admitted there were times when I was afraid for her, and she admitted there were times she was afraid for herself, too. Then we laughed and admitted to putting on our big girl panties and pushing through. There were no short cuts! Everyday we took one more step toward our goals and dreams.

Today, I can honestly admit that she has taught me about determination – even when it felt insurmountable. I told her when she was little that I would provide every opportunity and then she would have to get all that she could out of it. She did. She is my hero!

But… the journey continues.

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