Am I the sum of my mistakes?

Life is filled with happiness and sadness, success and failure, ups and downs.  If I looked at my life in fast forward, I would see how all the negative lead me to a more positive place.  Myself, I am ever the optimist, but unfortunately there are people that want to remind me of my mistakes as if that is who I am – incapable of learning and moving forward.

Kimberly BrustI would like to be reminded of the positive things I have done then balance that with the negative choices I have made.  I think if I put all that on a scale, I would still come out with a positive result.   To live in a place simply reminding ourselves or allowing others to remind us of our mistakes over and over is unhealthy and damaging to our self esteem.

If I am able to recall why I made that choice in the beginning, I am sure that with the information I had, I felt like I was doing the right thing.

Sooooo, take it easy. Don’t beat yourself up about the past.  Look forward; how can I make good choices? When I make a mistake, what do I tell myself?  If I realize a failure, remember “Fail Forward.”

Only when we fail do we really learn something about ourselves.  Change the way you look at “failure.” It might be the best opportunity yet.

Tell me about a time when you realized a  failure was really an opportunity!

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