Are You Teaching Kids How to Make Good Decisions?

creating a buzzOver the last few years, I have gotten frustrated by my kids not creating a sense of urgency about getting things done. Then at work, I have also noticed that many young people will procrastinate until the very end.

What created this?

Over-doing parents?

No buy in to the importance?

Not able to identify the pitfalls/consequences of waiting too long?

Or… All of the above?

I really think it is a combination of all the above.  I have heard parents say that they completed the college applications for their children, as it was too important to be left to them. Wow 😠 At what point do kids learn to prioritize and have consequences?  After they graduate from high school? At their first job? College?

I guess being a single parent with a business to run and a home to care for, I did not have a lot of time to check and double check or even do more than ask the question.  Ask the question once while cooking, driving, cleaning.

If they forgot their homework, I always had a twinge of guilt but could only ask how they could prevent that from happening in the future.  I asked them about the consequences of what they had done.  And finally, I tried to use stories of my life where I had procrastinated – or not – thought through the consequences to demonstrate the importance  – and as comfort to say, I know this is a tough lesson but all successful people have to learn this.

As painful as it was when they were young, I had to let my children experience the consequences of their behavior and decisions.  Many times they would cry about life not being fair.

But, as all adults know….. Fair in the game of life does not exist.

How have you taught kids to think through the consequences of their decisions?

Creating a buzz….¯`•.¸¸.ஐ

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