Earning the Right to Hear Your Story

You know what I miss most in my life?  Intimacy.  Not sexual intimacy, but as Brené Brown writes, those people that have earned the right to “hear your story.”

creating a buzzThrough the last five years,  my life has been turned upside down.  Divorce from a husband of 12 years and my best friend for over 20 years have left me feeling isolated many days.  No one to talk to about the things that scare or trouble me and that heavy load of responsibility I am carrying.  I was left in a bubble to sort things out alone.

Additionally, the few friends that I have are currently having such a difficult time in their own life, that I hesitate to share my emotional neediness.

I know that in order to find those people that have earned the right to “hear your story,” it takes time and trust gained over time.

I always imagine that saying, “when one door closes, another will open.”  But unfortunately, I have realized those two things don’t happen simultaneously.  Sometimes the delay between these two occurrences can be painfully long.

In the meantime, I cannot isolate myself from others as I want to.  I need to force myself to schedule time to be with others to develop new friendships.  It has been so long, my skills are probably dusty, but here goes.

Creating a buzz….¯`•.¸¸.ஐ

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