Is There A Formula For Success?

The formula for success is as different as we are individuals. However, there are a few things that successful people do and do consistently.

First, exercise daily.  This helps keep stress down and keeps you physically strong.  Success is an uphill climb.  You will need everything you got to make this happen.

Next, get your day started early. This means waking up, maybe do your exercise, read and prepare for the day. Eat breakfast! You cannot run at top speeds without fuel.

Use a calendar.  Calendars organize our time.  I personally put all my work and personal appointments on one calendar.  This keeps me from over scheduling.  It  keeps my  focus on what is important to complete that day.

I have always been a person that reviews my schedule the night before to be sure I am where I am supposed to be on that first appointment of the day.  As a successful entrepreneur and mom, I need to be sure to be on time and where I am supposed to be.  Additionally, don’t forget to schedule for drive time.

Very Important: Include in your scheduling “me” time.  I find if it is not on the calendar, I won’t get it!

Lastly,  have an accountability person or team.  It should be that business profession that would hold you accountable.  I have found that since doing this, I make sure to get the stuff I hate to do, done.  I have also created some tools and strategies to make those tasks easier for me.  I still don’t like to do it but knowing that my accountability partner is going to ask, I will get it done.

These four tips will jump start your day with focus. Add determination – and you are on your way to success. For more information, please contact me: Email:  Phone: (727) 919-1429

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