Am I having a Midlife Crisis?

I took a test to see if I was having a midlife crisis.  Why would I do that, you ask?  Well, I in my 50’s, shouldn’t I be?

Well the test said no.   Hmmmmm.

creating a buzz midlife crisis

That got me thinking about what is a midlife crisis and how does it affect women? Growing up in the 60’s and 70’s, as young women, we were told that we could be anything, do anything, have anything… REALLY?  We saw our mothers keep a clean house, have dinner on the table at the same time every night and be involved in school activities.  Many times they would have a job such as a nurse, secretary or teacher.  Roles that were considered feminine by that generation.  Smart women were simply kept back from achieving really financial success in their career.

Now, as their daughters, in our 50’s and 60’s we might have an empty nest, achieved success in our business ventures, be married or divorced and are still looking for what is next?  We are restless and asking: Is this all there is?  Now what?

We have held our standards so high that the dream of having it all was an impossible task. The perfect family: can I say let’s put the fun back in dysfunctional? The greatest career: I have been doing the same thing for 30 years. The perfect house: 3 kids, 2 dogs, need I say more.  A perfectly prepared meal every night at 6:00 pm: I hate to cook.

For me, I had to get my nose bloody.  I was totally lost as a person.  I did not know who I was or what I wanted with MY life. So instead of a midlife crisis, I call it a midlife quest.  A quest to redefine myself, my way.  I don’t want my identity to be defined by others, my job or what I like to do.  It should be defined by the values I hold.

More on values soon…

Creating a buzz…..

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