Feel Free to Drop your Baggage

I have a story I tell my children all the time regarding being a parent.  I think it is so relevant to tell the story here as well.  Many times we see ourselves as a collection of events and situations that have determined our path.  We fail to see that we have been influenced by the events, situations and people that raised us and that raised them and so on and so on.

DropYourBaggageWhat makes this real to me is uncovering small nuggets of truth in my own family history.  The stories you hear from family members are often about funny or happy times.  Rarely the difficult or bad things.  However, listening carefully you will hear what they have packed away.  As they moved forward in their lives, they packed away negative experiences and carry it with them everywhere they go.  Every new relationship, their spouse, children and even friends experienced what was in the baggage that they carried.

As a parent, I tried so hard not to repeat those mistakes, but during difficult times the baggage would unpack itself and be thrown all about.  Making a mess of things.  Until recently, I could not understand where this behavior came from.

There were times when my actions were a history of behavior that I repeated from what I had seen.

So, I say to my children… During your lives, I have given you baggage to carry.  I know that at times those bags will seem to weigh you down, making it feel like you can’t go forward.  But you have my permission to drop them and never pick them up again.  Never unpack them or open them to look at what you are getting rid of.  Just drop them, wherever you are and don’t look back.  If you do pick them back up, it is your choice.  I love you and carried my bags too long because I did not know that I did not need what was inside. Fear made me hold on to what was comfortable.

Dropping the baggage left me with an incredible sense of happiness and a realization that as  parents, we did not know that the baggage we carried could be put down…that just because it is how it was done doesn’t  necessarily mean it had to be repeated. Just because someone said it was good enough for me…. doesn’t mean it IS good enough for you.

If you felt loved, you were. Acknowledge that the person that loved you, loved you the best that they could with the baggage they carried.  By giving the acknowledgment and forgiveness will help you move on to the next destination without the unnecessary baggage.

¸¸.•*¨*•*´¨Creating a buzz…. Have you dropped your baggage?

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