Fitting in

Fitting inWhen did we become so obsessed with fitting in?  Being just like all of our peers? We talk about being unique and loving ourselves. We even fill up Facebook with inspirational quotes to remind us.  Yet, from my view point, we are obsessed with fitting in than standing out of the crowd.

What do I mean?  Let’s take kids, for example:

Dress like everyone else, speak the same language, have the same phone etc.  Now while fitting in, have the best grades, be the best football player, be the most popular….etc. So what happens to the kid that is trying to fit in but cannot stand out in the most acceptable areas?

Similar things happen in the work place as well:

Someone who wears the blue suit, white shirt and red tie but is not the stellar salesman but keeps the computer systems up and running day in and day out.  Fitting in but not standing out…..

Fitting in is like putting an emotional stopper on who we are.  It is a constant reminder that our differences may bring the kind of attention that scares us.  So to remain somewhat invisible, we conform.  This takes the joy out of being able to be the person we were meant to be.

How are you conforming? How has it limited your joy?

Stand out!  Be the unique person you were meant to be.

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