perfectionismPerfectionism…..Who feels they must try achieve this in every aspect of their lives?

Perfect children, prefect husband, perfect home, perfect job, perfect vacation, perfect dinner…

Perfect Perfect Perfect.

I was watching Oprah and Brené Brown on Oprah’s Life Class.  Brené Brown said that when perfectionism is in the driver’s seat, shame is riding shot gun and fear is in that back seat. Wow,  did this resonate with me.

I have been striving for years and years to create perfectionism, somewhere, anywhere.  But in the universe’s way, I was thrown curve ball after curve ball.  You think I would have given up on perfectionism after awhile.  But NO, I did not.  Kept pushing and pushing.

I really thought about how I had been hiding the real me.  Why? Frankly, I never thought I was good enough.  Afraid people would not like me. Fearfully that any weakness would be used against me.  If I showed who I really was, someone would laugh…..

Oh my goodness,  I saw my small, my little 3rd grade self so full of fear for so many reasons and I was still in that moment in time.  In my life, I used my 3rd grade self as the litmus test for who I did not want to be and did everything I could not to be her.

Til now!  I stopped.  I had to grow up and put that 3rd grader in her place.  I had to be the woman I was.  I was tired of living a life that did not allow me to make a mistake. I wanted to accept my imperfections.  BE ME!  Only Me the person I am today. Not perfect but beautifully imperfect.

How has trying to be perfected affected your life? Work or personal? Please share your story.

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