When have I shown courage?

courage, Kim Brust, Kimberly BrustSo much has been written lately about courage that maybe we have gotten confused about what and when we are courageous. The media makes us believe that courage can only be demonstrated by extreme acts; i.e., Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner or a war hero or a fireman pulling someone out of a burning building.  And while many of us would agree these are forms of courage, we have lost the notion that to be courageous may actually be small steps done in the face of fear.

So many stories come to mind of people that have stepped up in what might appear as just a daily living that have been a true test of their courage:

What about the alcoholic that commits everyday to being sober and has been for many years?

What about a high school student that chooses not to do drugs when all his friends are?

What about a man that stands up to his peers for equal pay for females in the workplace?

What about the soccer mom that stands up to the abusive parent on the sidelines?

Acknowledge when you show courage. Most often it is when you are afraid  but you lean into the fear and you speak/do from your heart. Let us not forget about the small acts of courage we do.

Newsworthy does not equate with courage!

How do you live courageously?

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