A Fresh Start

Every year I look forward to a fresh start in January.  Then by the end of the first quarter nothing seems different.  Until now. Over the last two years I have decided that I should find my passion and follow it.  It was hard to identify at first.  I knew what made me happy, family, dancing (especially salsa), music ( all types ) and traveling. But passion felt bigger than this.

Picture2My coach told me that passion comes from inside us; from our world view. It creates in us a want to make a difference.  I considered this along with understanding what my strengths and natural talents were. (we all have them)

My passion is so focused and it drives me everyday. I get up with an excitement to see what the day holds.  I am learning things and challenging myself in ways I was so afraid of.  But in the process I know that even if I fail that I will learn more about myself and it will only fuel my passion.

This year will be fresh, because I am.

Creating a buzz……

*picture found on Pinterest

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