Why do women shame other women for their choices?

Kim BrustCulturally, we have shamed women for wearing makeup, body type,  working, breast feeding or not, aging and even personality traits.

What are we doing?  Should I feel bad that I am curvy and not thin?  That I love to wear makeup, especially lipstick? That I love to work and wanted to have children? Why are my choices up for debate by other women and the media as to which is better for me?

Are we as women so insecure in our own choices that we must criticize and judge those that make different choices?  Isn’t it time to band together and accept each other for the choices we make, even when we might disagree?

Get right with yourself and your choices – then allow other women to do the same.  We are all on a journey, so let’s not define each other by our choices and shame those that chose differently!

Little by little…a small band of people can change the world.  Stop the shaming! Let’s spread the word!

Creating a buzz…….¯`•.¸¸.ஐ

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