New England Patriots Win the 2015 Superbowl…

coaching, Kim Brust, Kimberly BrustMost of the time when we talk about a winning team, we reflect on the individual accomplishments of a few team members.  The talent, the determination and the consistent effort put forth on a daily basis create that winning formula.  However, my questions are:

What allowed the individual team member to perform so well?

How did the other team members assist in the win?

What happened behind the scenes that created such a well executed team?

A Coach.

I never understood this concept.  As a young woman, I never had the experience of a coach, never mind , a great coach.  I did not play on sports teams, work in a group or club. I saw things from one perspective: mine.  As my career changed focus, I realized that I needed to change how I did things in order to grow my business. Talking to many of my high performing peers, I realized that many of them had a coach.  Like a personal trainer,  that person that is dedicated to your growth and development.  Your “win” is their “win.”

As an entrepreneur, we are typically driven with high performance goals.  We love what we do and hate doing what we don’t.  But there comes a time when we need help and we need to refocus our energies because a failure to do so could jeopardize everything we have built. Ultimately, that person holds you accountable to the business and to the goals you have set. They push you to do the things that make you uncomfortable.  They give you assistance in systems and processes that can be applied to your business.

Ultimately, they are the person in your corner, helping you stay on focus to the things that are necessary to continued growth.

Creating a buzz…..

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