Be the Queen you know you can Bee…

Are you confident enough to ‘bee’ you?

Have you ever noticed how you walk into a room of strangers?  Do you try to make yourself as small and unnoticeable as possible? Do you dress in black or a blah color so you don’t stand out?

Always Wear Your Invisible Crown

What about when you are going to a party with friends? Do you dress differently? Do you walk in the place like you own it?

I really let my physical self show how confident I was. Which wasn’t very confident at all.  I did everything I could to blend in.  Then one day, I was at a leadership training class.  I heard someone say, “Fake it until you Make it.”  That really resonated with me.  I realized at that moment, if I wanted people to see me in a different way, I would have to fake it until it was me.

I wanted people to see me as confident, outgoing, happy and full of life.  Not that person I had been: fearful, sad and anonymous. So, I went about convincing myself first. Just like an actress, I dressed the part. I wore the things that made me feel good and look good. Then I got out my smile.  I used it all day, everyday. I used every resource I could to increase my confidence, such as reaching out to a support person when in doubt, reading every book I could to improve those things that needed attention and made sure I wasn’t telling myself negative statements.

I have even had people say to me, you look different.  It is not the hair, makeup, clothes. It is the confidence!

Over the last two years, my confidence has grown.  I am no longer faking it…this is who I am.

Creating a buzz…are you confident enough to ‘bee’ you?

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