What I Could Do With The Tools I Was Given

This is a story of a young girl that was given a tool box.  Inside the box were tools of all sorts; capable of performing any job that came her way.  As she examined each tool, she dreamed of all the wonderful things she could create. Then, she came across a tool in the bottom of the box that appeared to be broken.

Inspiration Kimberly BrustSuddenly, she realized her tools were not complete.  Because of the one broken tool, her creations would never come to fruition.  She began to compare her tools to the tools of the other girls.  She noticed that their tools were not broken.  Every time she compared her tools, she came up feeling “not good enough.”

Over time, the girl became depressed and did not open the tool box.  She did not create what she had dreamed of.  How often she noticed how perfect the other girls’ tools were and wondered why she had this broken tool. She felt sad and mad and small.

Finally, a wise women with her box of tools asked the girl why she did not acknowledge her tools and use them.  The girl started on about the broken tool….

For surely, this woman was wise;  she asked the girl to sit with her and look at her tools.  She opened the lid to the box.   The girl noticed that the tools on the top were worn and must be well used.  “You must of created beautiful things with these tools. I can see how much you have used them.”  They continued through the box and found shiny tools that were never used.  The woman told her, “I was given these tools, but I never really needed them for my endeavors. I felt that I could really create beautiful things, if I became a master of just a few of the tools.”

Then, at the very bottom of the box there sat a tool that was obviously broken.  “What about this one?” the girl asked.  The wise woman said, “I always knew it was there, but I learned to improvise and discover ways to to do things that did not require that tool.  Eventually, I forgot it was even there.  I never let a broken tool deter me from creating something beautiful.  My focus was always on what I could do with the tools I was given.”

The girl thanked the woman for sharing her tool box and words of wisdom.  Then she went to her tool box, opened it…as if it were the first time…and allowed herself to dream about all the beautiful things she could create.  She took the broken tool and put it at the bottom of her box, promising herself she would not dwell on that again. She closed the lid and picked up the box and with determination and inspiration she went out to create something beautiful.

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