Have you ever used the excuse, ‘waiting to get my ducks in a row’?

Have you ever used the excuse, ‘waiting to get my ducks in a row’?   Why are we always trying to do this?

I wondered where this saying might have come from, and there appears to be a couple of different ideas…but the one that seemed most logical to me was in regard to bowling.  Pins used to be shorter and resembled a duck, and therefore called ducks.  Before the bowler would throw the ball, he would make sure the ducks were in a row.  Sounds about right.

But bowling pins are objects and will stay where placed until the ball moves them.  How many of us struggle on a daily basis to get our ”ducks in a row”?

Today the meaning has changed to an idea of getting all the details managed and addressed before moving forward.  However,  ducks never stay in a row and life is often unpredictable. If we are constantly waiting for all life’s details to be managed and “in a row,” we will never achieve our dreams.

My mom always said there is no better time than today.  That applies to most things.  Start living today to create the life that you want.  Most of the details that we worry over aren’t really that important but more of road blocks we create:  After I lose weight…. When I get that promotion….. When I have more money……

Let’s not worry about getting all “our ducks in a row” but rather moving forward toward the life we envision for ourselves.

Creating a buzz…..¯`•.¸¸.ஐ

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