Energy Vampires…..

There has been a lot of talk about those toxic people that just exhaust you.  Many times these people are negative, over worry, gossip mongers and victims.

Energy Vampires InstagramI consider myself to be a very empathetic, kind person.  In my youth, I thought I could help everyone.  This attracted some of the most negative, drama-filled people to me.  I did not realize that I was the problem until around age 50.  That could be 1/2 of my life!  EEK!!!!!!

As I have said before, we are our own worst enemy.  To deal with these energy vampires, I have developed a few rules for myself.

You cannot help anyone unless they are already trying to help themselves.

  • Listen to your gut: if you are dreading talking or seeing someone, limit your exposure.
  • Start conversations out by asking something like: “Tell me something good that is going on with you since the last time we spoke.”
  • Allow a 30 second BMW session (Bitch, Moan and Whine) then redirect the conversation to a more upbeat conversation.
  • Ultimately, if none of these work, you might have to disconnect from this person.

I have started using these techniques and have found that some of those energy vampires have changed the way they interact with me.  I have even said out loud, “I need to surround myself with positive people”.  I have a lot to accomplish and can only do this in a positive state of mind.

My goals are lofty and my dreams are bigger.  To get there, I need every ounce of energy and positivity that I have within myself and can surround myself with.

How do you eliminate energy vampires?

Creating a buzz…….

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