Learning who you are now

I know have written previous posts about learning who you are now….. but I thought it was time for an update.

On my journey to discover what I like and what I want to do with my free time has begun to get clearer for me.  In my 20’s is when I was in the me, me, me time.  I have reflected on that time to get a base line of what I enjoyed back then.

Kim Brust, Kimberly BrustConcerts, travel, singing and anything on the water was where I felt most joyful.  But, also, doing these things with people I enjoyed made it so much more special.  Money is always an issue, but I have had a great time going to concerts and performances, finding bargains for travel and have even had an opportunity to sing with my son’s band.  Still hoping to get a boat someday…but with kids in college, that one might take awhile.  In the meantime, finding my joy has been exciting and a bit scary at times.

The next hurdle will be starting to do things by myself……

The journey continues.

Creating a buzz…..……¯`•.¸¸.ஐ

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