How to find happiness in a chaotic world…

Kim Brust, Kimberly BrustI have always been a person that has a list of things to do each day. Buzzing here and there. Don’t get me wrong, crossing things off my list of things to do gives me a sense of accomplishment.  Many of my friends comment, “How do you get so much done in a day…?”  Scheduling and a reliable car!

Recently however, I was told by my coach that I needed to take time for myself.  What? I don’t have time: three kids, business, home, volunteer work, blogs to write, family …. he insisted that I incorporate time for myself into my life on a regular basis.

What I discovered was that this was like putting sugar in a pie.  Without sugar my pie was not so sweet.  Surely the fruit and the crust are good but the flavor was not what you expected.  Time with yourself allows you to add the sugar to your pie!

It is that time you get in touch with who you are, what you are passionate about and ultimately to consider your journey.

Things that won’t happen when you take time for yourself:

*kids won’t suffer –  just the opposite

*you will feel guilty – you will at first but stay the course!

*no one will think you are selfish – they will see you as an example

Things that will happen:

*your significant other will look forward to being with the new you and you will enjoy that more as well.

*you will have time to develop your passion and your dreams

*you will be more engaged in your life

*happy mom = happy kids/significant other!

*more productive at work

*greater life satisfaction

*your stress level will go down for longer periods of time – as if your mind knows it is coming

This is your daily/weekly vitamin.  Taken at regular intervals will add to your overall well being.

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