Let me dispel the myth…no one can be perfect at everything

Let me dispel the myth.  No one can be perfect at everything or, for that matter, anything.  No one can have it all….

Kim Brust, Kimberly Brust, Feel LostLooking at all my successful, motivated female friends I realize that so many of us are unhappy.  Why?  Many of us have successful careers, raised our children and they are moving to independence, in good relationships, have a lovely home and drive a nice car – so why are we so unhappy?

We lost ourselves along the way.  We made life more about gaining things and the appearance of the perfect life.

Our day began before the sun with 1 hour on the treadmill,  pack the lunches and get the kids to school, work 8 hours determined to win the next award, pick kids up and take them to the next after school activity, then home to help with homework, make dinner, clean up, tuck the kids into bed then spend the last few minutes with our husband.  We have done this everyday for so many years we stopped counting.  Don’t get me wrong, the weekends are no different. We have filled those two days to the brim as well.

As we pass the mid point of our lives, we start to question, what next?  This leads us to the next question, who am I?  What do I like?  What do I fill up my time with? Why am I so tired?

In order to move forward, some times we need to be still.  Remember what we used to be like before we filled our life with all the busy activities we thought we needed to do.  And may I say…without asking for help…even from our husbands, unless absolutely necessary.

If you feel you have lost yourself, take time to be still and let your mind wander.  Create some quiet space for you. I have done this by going out to the pool and just floating.  It lets my mind drift over ideas and thoughts that have helped me get to know myself again.  Regular time to be alone with yourself will help visualize your life and what it takes to make it a happy one.

Creating a buzz….¯`•.¸¸.ஐ



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