There is no class to teach our children life skills

I have lived in Florida for my entire life.  I have heard about how the education process needs to change.  We went from math to new math, phonics to sight words and back to phonics again.  However, one thing has not changed.  There is no class to teach our children life skills.

teach children life skillsMy two sons and I were eating dinner one night.  I had just purchased a car for my daughter.  My youngest one asked, “How did you know about buying cars, mom?”  I let him know that it was a process of mistakes that I learned from.  “Well, how did you know how to get a mortgage?”  I said, “I bought my first house when I was 25 and asked questions.” They both agreed that these are things that need to be taught in school.

I was thinking about it.  How many times as an adult, do we feel that we have been taken advantage of at the car dealership?  Do we really understand all the papers you sign at a mortgage?  Believe me, you will have a book when you are done.

Young people don’t know how to reconcile their bank statements, write a check, or understand the cost of money.

As my job involves money and assets, I believe that giving my team an education in money and how it works will help them pay it forward.

Educating our young people about money, budgeting and finance is how they need to spend part of their school career.  Understanding this will help not only individual families but the financial future for everyone.

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