As I reflect on Mother’s Day …

Kim BrustAs I reflect on Mother’s Day, I look at my meme and think about my own hive and the lessons that my mom taught me and I have taught my children. Without fail, those lessons are the things that I did – without even thinking about it. I would have to believe it was true of my mother and all mothers, to some degree.

Certainly, we talk to our children about life and what is important, but some things can only be taught over life experiences.  Things like resilience, integrity, how to think about failure.

As a child, my mother taught me that nothing is free.  If you want it, you will need to work for it. Work harder than expected, give more than you earn and do it with a positive, can-do attitude. Thank you, Mom!  I got it! Mother's Day

She showed me that family is first and may require sacrifices. Birthdays are special. Christmas has magic. Showing up everyday is important. Time spent with loved ones in conversation keeps you connected.

Thank you, Mom!  I got it!

Kim BrustFinally, in Jeff Olson’s book  ‘The Slight Edge’ he put my mom’s actions into a mantra: small steps taken consistently over a long period of time with faith and burning desire You will achieve your goals.  I say this every opportunity I can to my children.  And as each of them have their own individualized struggles, I know that they have seen that mantra work and they will live their life the same way.

Thanks, Mom! Lesson Learned!

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