Am I On The Right Track?

I ask myself, probably once a month: Am I on the right track?

Am I keeping first things first.  Is my compass still pointing due north?  Am I still on the right path? And even though the answer is “yes”, that little bit of nagging self doubt is holding me stationery.

Currently, I have felt that I am standing on a ledge ready to jump off and fly.  I have an excitement around the work I am doing. I feel that my success is just beyond my reach.  But, I still have a bit of doubt. Have I checked and triple checked my equipment? Do I have all the information I need? Do I know what to do after I take off?  What will I do if I fall?

I am on the precipice and need to jump to get to the next level.  But, honestly, I am still carrying a bit of fear.  I know I have to jump and as soon as I do, I won’t have time to think about the consequences.  I will be too busy.

So to quote Nike “Just do it.”

Creating a buzz….¯`•.¸¸.ஐ

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