Recently, my mom has put together books on genealogy on her side of the family.

As I was reading, one word came to mind: scarcity.

Kim BrustThe word scarcity is normally used in terms of resources.  When you think of my family’s history, scarcity definitely describes life.

Briefly, my family came from the corner of Virginia, West Virginia and North Carolina.  They were farmers or worked in or around the coal mines.  Life was very hard. Many times food, clothes, electricity, and time were scarce.  Mothers worked in the home but the work was labor intensive and took so much time to complete.  I can only think there were so many times when they thought: no matter what I do, it is never enough and there is more tomorrow.

With this history of scarcity, it is not difficult to see how women got to the “just not enough” mentality.  In my opinion, instead of being “not enough time,” it has turned into “not good enough.”  I realize that this might seem like a big leap, but throughout the ages we have learned from what the previous generations have taught their children.  Life was filled with scarcity.

Life may have less scarcity of resources for many of us; however, we are still in the scarcity mentally.

Do you have enough?

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