Get right with yourself.  Own your story. 

Kim BrustThroughout my life, I can remember times when I said, I feel like a have a mask on.  I am not being myself.  Fit in but stand out…. (WT Heck). Be the best but don’t ask for help … you don’t want to appear weak.  Toot your own horn occasionally but be modest and humble. Make money but don’t flaunt it.

Listen:  Here is my story: I am a high-achieving, type-A personality. I have struggled with perfectionism. I have made myself ragged by being too busy running. Refused to admit defeat and was ever the optimist.  I can’t stand to look at pictures of myself. I have always put myself last. I struggle with my worthiness for the gifts I receive.

But also listen: This is not my entire story.  I have raised goal-oriented, loving children. I have learned new skills to bring my business to a new generation of consumers.  I have stopped trying to fit in or stand out!  True wisdom comes from knowing when to quit.  I found that by putting myself first, my loved ones were happier too. I said ‘no’ to the good so I would be ready to say ‘yes’ to the great. I have learned to listen to myself.

The first 50 years were hard fought lessons that needed to be learned.  I am proud to wear the scars of being in the arena. Those scars remind me of where I have been and what I have learned. Facing what I hope to be another 50 years, I will remain in the arena fighting to discover my strength and learn the lessons life has for me.

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