Sticks and Stones

Sticks and Stones will break your bones but words will never hurt you!

B— S—!!!!!

Words hurt a lot, especially when they come from someone you love.  They have a lasting effect and create open wounds that may never close.  There are people in your life that you assume you are safe to be vulnerable with.  But when those are the people that use that information as a weapon against you, the effect can be lasting; if you let it.

That is what this blog post is about.  How do we put those incidents into perspective with who we know we arKim Brust, Kimberly Bruste?

I struggle with this as well.  I am not sure that I have found the right way yet. But one thing I do when plagued with these thoughts is to remind myself of the good things people have said to me.  I also remind myself of the things I know to be true about me.  Finally, I reflect on the incident that may have led up to those words. Many times these incidents reflect a high stress and worry. People don’t always act their best at this time. Then FORGIVE!

I have developed a mantra to help me move through self doubt. I tell myself this as many times as it takes.

I also remember that words matter and choose my own words carefully!

How do you heal the wounds created by words?

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