My business is centered around people

Creating-a-BuzzMy business is centered around people.  I have a team of  professionals that I want to be sure understand that it is the experience of each one of our customers that should be our primary focus.

We can’t always do what the client wants. Sometimes we have to be the bearer of bad news and we sometimes see clients under the most extreme stress.  However, it is the “feeling” the client has when he was in front of us that is important.

*Did we listen?

  • Did we show empathy?
  • Were we able to offer alternatives?
  • Did we tell them how much we value them?

In this world of computerized phone systems, email and texting and the ever revolving door of customer service representatives answering the 800 number, I believe that being able to connect with the client in a way that they are seldom able to will become a highly desirable skill.

Even now, we can see that people will become educated online but when it comes down to the actual purchase, they still want to talk to someone. If we can make that experience one where the client felt valued, then I think we will be able to create a niche in the marketplace where clients want to be.


How do you show your clients, friends, family you value them?

creating a buzz…..

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