Giving Up Just Felt Like Failure

Is there a time when you finally have to say “UNCLE?”

I never thought so until recently. Giving up just felt like failure. This just was not part of my plan; ever! I had convinced myself that failure was a reflection of the hard work that I put into something. So I would doggedly continue down the same path, doing the same thing because I just could not admit defeat.

Then I heard something that made me think about failure or giving up or changing the direction of my journey in a totally different way. Specifically “Fail Forward.”

There are times when you are going to fail. Sometimes in spite of yourself, things just don’t go as you need. But if you fail forward and you can take something valuable away from the experience then you are still moving forward on your journey.

I heard this about the same time as “fail forward:”

So just keeping aiming and don’t be afraid of taking a step back.

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