Women Gotta Have a Little Bit of Bling

Women, you gotta have a little bit of bling!

Picture4I am FABULOUS!  This is what I tell myself everyday. My self confidence was always on the weak side, even when receiving awards and accolades.  To remind myself that I am FABULOUS! I wear a bit of bling. I bit of glitter or sparkle.  It seems to be my signature. When I don’t have it, people notice. Many times they will even ask, where is the bling?  Could be on a purse, belt, big necklace or phone case.

Now I never want to over do it. Just a touch to remind me when I look in the mirror that I am FABULOUS! (I am smiling even as I say it.)

What is your signature? What reminds you, you are FABULOUS?

Creating a buzz…

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