Baby Boomers and Getting Married

Kim BrustAccording to many studies, more and more baby boomers are becoming single and not wanting to get married.  This presents some questions that should be considered:

  • What happens if I get sick and can no longer work?
  • How will I afford retirement?
  • Do I have a plan for my funeral and final expenses?
  • Have I told anyone?
  • Who will I ask for help?

All these questions and more based on your personal situation.

Whether we are male or female, whether we took care of the finances, we need to have a plan and let the people we will rely on know it.  Too many times things take us by surprise and the decisions we make under stress are not as thought out as they should be.

If you are single, especially over 50, get a plan, share it with your loved ones right away.  Don’t let the wrong person decide for you.

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